How do I schedule an Appointment for Inbound Freight to RSF?

Updated by Tony Runyan

Inbound Scheduling

All appointments will need to be scheduled via email. When you wish to book an inbound appointment, please email: for Sweetwater, TN shipments for Salt Lake City, UT shipments

Include the time and date of your desired appointment and also provide the following required information in your email:

  • Container Number*
  • Client Name*
  • FL or Palletized*
    • Number of cartons (if FL)
    • Number of pallets (if palletized)
  • Live Unload or Drop
  • Product Description
  • ASN

*Please note that the first three fields are required to proceed with an appointment. We will not be able to confirm your appointment without the container number, client’s name, and FL or palletized details.

Policy Updates

Additionally, Red Stag will be implementing and/or updating the following policies and procedures for all inbound freight beginning April 15, 2022:

  • If a carrier/container will be more than 30 minutes late, RSF Receiving must be contacted at +1 865-326-8763 (Knoxville) or +1 (800) 815-7824 (Salt Lake City).
  • Carriers arriving an hour or more after their designated appointment time (without contacting RSF Receiving) may be rescheduled. *Please note that Red Stag will be as flexible as possible but may not always be able to work in late arrivals or reschedules.
  • If a carrier does not show for an appointment and does not contact RSF Receiving, a fee of up to $300 per occurrence will be levied. *Again, Red Stag will try to work with our clients and carriers when extenuating circumstances occur, but clear communication is pivotal.
  • Red Stag reserves the right to refuse a shipment if it arrives with no ASN in the system.

The key to smooth, efficient processes is always consistent communication, in our industry just like yours. By putting these policies in place, we are encouraging more consistent communication in our partnership — which will allow us to more accurately schedule labor and plan for our inbound volume each day. These changes will help us avoid lengthy delays in getting containers/trailers unloaded in a timely fashion, getting your product on the shelves, ready for purchase that much faster.

Inbound Ocean Shipments

Finally, we will also now be requesting a weekly report of all containers shipped for inbound ocean shipments. Please send this report to and include the following information (all of which should be provided by your freight forwarder):

  • Container Number
  • Origin Port
  • Sail Date
  • Destination Port
  • ETA to Destination Port
  • SSL
  • MBOL
  • ETA to Final Destination

These are being put into place to allow us to better serve you in the future. The more information we have, the more quickly and efficiently we will be able to fulfill your orders and keep your products flowing to delighted customers.

If you have any questions or concerns about these policy and procedure updates, please reach out to your Client Success Manager. We’re always here to help!

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