How do I schedule an Appointment for Inbound Freight to RSF?

Updated 9 months ago by Tony Runyan

Red Stag Fulfillment has implemented a new online appointment scheduling system called Opendock! Carriers will now be able to schedule pick-up and delivery appointments for our distribution centers and many others at  

Click here or keep reading below to learn more about Opendock. 

It’s easy, you can schedule in less than 5 minutes by following these steps:


·      Go to

·      Click “Register for FREE”

·      Enter your name and e-mail and create a password

·      Click the “Find Warehouse” button and search for “Red Stag Fulfillment

·      Click the Schedule button


After clicking the schedule button you will be asked questions to help find an appointment for our warehouse. Common questions are:


·      PO / BOL #

·      # of Pallets

·      Inbound / Outbound

·      Full Truckload / LTL

·      ASN# (Advanced Shipment Notice)


After completing the questions, select your desired date and appointment time.  Then finalize the appointment and it will be scheduled with the warehouse while sending you a confirmation e-mail with all necessary appointment details.




One username and one password for thousands of warehouses.  Eliminate the need to have usernames, passwords, and links for hundreds of different warehouse locations to schedule an appointment.


Visibility to all scheduled appointments across different companies and warehouse locations through a single view on the My Appointments page.


If you are a large carrier or brokerage booking hundreds or thousands of appointments per month with Opendock we also offer API integration.  This would allow your company to integrate Opendock into their TMS and schedule appointments directly without ever needing to leave your TMS.

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