What Information Do I Need to Get an LTL Quote?

Updated by Tony Runyan

RSF would be happy to get quotes for you for an LTL shipment (from RSF or from another location). If the shipment will be coming from RSF, you will need to follow the instructions for submitting an LTL/TL order. If the shipment will be coming from another location, we will need the following information to obtain a quote: 

  • Size and weight of pallets 
  • Type of items to ship 
  • Destination zip code

For all shipments we also need to know: 

  • Does the delivery location have a dock or will the truck need to have a liftgate? 
  • Will this be delivered to a business or residential address? 
  • Are there any special requirements like hazardous material or need an appointment time for delivery? 
Please add the answers to these questions using the "Packing Instructions" section of the order to help speed up the process.

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