Return Label Generation

Updated by Tony Runyan

RSF clients can now create Return Labels for ASNs and RMAs with just a few clicks! The Return Labels can be delivered via email from the carrier straight to the you or downloaded though the admin or client portal as a PDF file. Ensure accuracy for your returns processing and start saving time and shipping costs for your inbound shipments!

How To:

  1. Once an RMA is generated, select "Generate Return Label"

  1. Select your preferred carrier:

  1. You can use the "Use Address From Order #" to auto-populate the address fields or enter another address:

  1. Fill out the package information. The only required field is "Total Weight". Then select "Add Products":

  1. Select the items that will be on this return:

  1. Select your preferred shipping method:

  1. Select "Submit": 

  1. Lastly, select "Print Labels" and save the label as a PDF: 

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