Information on DropStream Integrations

Updated by Tony Runyan

One of the middleware providers that Red Stag Fulfillment suggests is D​ropStream​. Using DropStream allows us to easily connect our WMS to your online shopping cart if you choose not to do a direct integration. With this in mind, the middleware provider you choose is totally up to you and what is best for your business. We continue to learn more and more about each individual integration and have included some key things to note: 

DropStream RSF


For WooCommerce integrations a shipment tracking extension is required to enable DropStream to populate tracking numbers for WooCommerce orders. In other words, if you want your customers to receive notifications with shipping information so they can track their package, you must add this extension. Directions on how to add this extension ​can be found here.​ 


Currently, one limitation of the ShipStation API is that it does not allow communication from DropStream to allow for inventory updates to be pushed. 


We are currently working with Skubana to determine the root cause of an issue that is causing inventory discrepancies between RSF inventory and theirs.

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