Creating ASNs in the RSF Operations Portal

Updated by Tony Runyan

It is vital that your ASN's are entered into the operations portal BEFORE your deliveries arrive at a Red Stag Fulfillment warehouse. It is also important that there is a separate ASN for each container/truck that arrives. If you have many ASNs to upload or an ASN that is going to require many entires, you can bulk upload ASNs using a CSV of Excel file.
  1. Create an ASN (View a YouTube Tutorial here):
    1. Log in to the system and go to Receiving > ASNs.
    2. Click on the “Create New ASN” button on the top right.
    3. Fill in as much “ASN Information” as you can, but at least complete all required information marked with “*” (Supplier, Expected Delivery Date, Carrier Name).
    4. Click the “Add Products” button on the top right.
    5. Click the box in the “Select” column next to the product(s) we will be receiving.
    6. Put the quantity of each product we will be receiving into the field in the “Qty to Add” column.
    7. Click the “Add Selected Product(s) to ASN” button on the top right.
    8. Once you’re finished adding products, click the “Submit ASN” button on the top right.

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