Definitions of Inventory Statuses

Updated by Tony Runyan

Red Stag Fulfillment tracks each merchant’s inventory at all times using the following statuses:

  • Expected - Listed on open ASNs, RMAs, Other Deliveries, and Cancellations that have not yet been received.
  • Processed - Counted on an ASN, RMA, Other Delivery, or Cancellation but not yet put-away.
  • Put-Away - Has been received on an ASN, RMA, Other Delivery, or Cancellation that has not yet been committed to the inventory. If you have auto-commit enabled this should always be 0.
  • Available - Available for new orders. Backordered amounts are not reflected as a negative Available amount but are tracked separately as “Backordered”.
  • Allocated - Allocated to existing orders but not yet Reserved.
  • Reserved - Reserved to a specific shelf location and waiting to be picked.
  • Picked - Picked from the shelves but not yet shipped.
  • Backordered - Reserved by existing orders but not in stock. Will be automatically converted to Allocated when stock is added. Backordered quantities are not reflected in the Available amount as a negative number.
  • Advertised - The “Available” quantity plus the virtual BOM quantity. The virtual BOM quantity is controlled by a product’s “Virtual Inventory” attribute.

Additionally, products have two flags that can be set which will affect whether or not they are retrieved in an inventory request.

  • Status - Enabled/Disabled - If “Disabled”, the product is effectively deleted and will not appear in responses to inventory requests.
  • Visibility - Visible/Not Visible - If “Not Visible”, the product will not appear in the inventory list but may still be ordered via the Merchant Panel.

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