Version 2019.8

Updated by Tony Runyan

Dimensional Weight

We have added support for Dimensional Weight using the carrier's publicly advertised dim factors. Dimensional Weights, at this time, will be calculated using the entire volume of the proposed Shipment Items. This will provide a basic dimensional weight that is more accurate than using weight alone, but does not take into account void space. Future updates will increase the accuracy of the Dimensional Weights to take into account void space.

Attach Packaging Features to Orders

Packaging Features(PF) can now be attached to an Order during Order creation. By allowing PFs to be added, Merchants will be able to designate specific Orders that need PFs added. i.e.:

  • An Order shipping to a remote location needs extra padding for safer Product arrival
  • Orders during a particular week need a special promotional flier added to each Order made

This can be achieved by using the Other Shipping Options field or API key to add PFs to an Order.

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