Operations Portal Login Information

Updated by Tony Runyan

Your system logins have been created. Go To:​ Your RSF Dashboard

  1. Enter your User Name. User Name = email address
  2. Enter your Password:
    1. The password is currently the same for all the accounts: company1
    2. To Change your password, log-in using the credentials provided above, then go to System > My Account.
  3. User Permissions: 
    1. Each account is set up as “Merchant – Full Access” which gives “Administrator” access to do or change anything.
  4. To change individual user roles:
    1. Go to: System > Permissions > Users
    2. Click on an individual user
    3. Click on “User Role” on the left
    4. Select the appropriate role name: Remeber, “Merchant – Full Access” users can make these changes on any user.

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