Adding Products in the Operations Portal

Updated by Tony Runyan

Before you send us your inventory, we need to have your product information entered into the Operations Portal and have an ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) created to receive your inventory off of once it arrives. Both steps are very simple:

If you have a lot of products, we understand it can be cumbersome to enter them one at a time. If that's you, you can bulk upload your products using a CSV or Excel file.

  1. Log in to the system and go to Catalog > Products.
  2. Click on the “Add Product” button on the top right.
  3. Fill in the required fields such as Name, SKU (which must match exactly to the SKU description for your product), Barcode (if you have one), etc.
    1. Make sure you fill in all required information marked with a “*.”
    2. It is extremely important that, if applicable, you select the proper Goods Type for your product. We depend on our clients to help us determine up front if their products are regulated.
    3. Please contact your account manager if you require any sort of lot tracking.
  4. EXPORT: Use this tab to enter the information required for international orders. You can read more about what is required for international orders here.
  5. NOTE: The default setting for Packaging is that a SKU shipped by itself will NOT require an over box (though we will always use our best judgment if we believe a product needs to be overboxed).
    In the “Packaging” tab, please change “Requires Packaging” to “YES” if you require the product to be overboxed.
If your product requires that we collect serial numbers, please select that option under the "Other Special Features" drop down on the Packaging tab.
  1. Click the “Save” button on the top right.

Once your products have been added to our WMS, you will need to create an ASN.

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