Bulk Uploading Products

Updated by Tony Runyan

In the event that you have a large number of products to add to the RSF Operations portal, you have the ability to perform a bulk upload of product information with a CSV or Excel file. To do so, follow these directions:

  • Select​ System > Import/Export > Import – Task
  • Select​ New Product Import.​ 
  • Choose the file type you’d like to upload. 
  • Choose the file, and select​ Import​. 

Refer to the following link for a description of the headings you’ll need to use for each column in the file: 

If you would like to use Lot Tracking, please refrence the ID's below to indicate which type of Lot tracking you would like to use for each SKU.

Select Catalog > Manage Products > Add Product to view the actual fields described in the previous link. Refer to the “Product Properties” at the bottom of the page to understand what content should be in a column. The only column required for upload is SKU.

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