What Are Red Stag Fulfillment's Requirements for Inbound Shipments?

Updated 3 years ago by Tony Runyan

Our goal at RSF is to get your product in stock as accurately and as quickly as possible. We have processes in place that have been developed over several years of trial and error that help us keep our guarantees. With your cooperation, we have a much greater chance of getting your inventory putaway on the shelf and ready to ship.

  1. Create an ASN. ASN's are Advance Shipping Notices that tell our team what to expect on your delivery. It is vital that these notices are entered in our system before your delivery arrives in order to help expedite the recieving process.
  2. Palletized. We understand that there are times when product can't be palletized (floor loaded containers, parcel deliveries, etc.), but deliveries that are palletized require a lot less handling which means they are processed much faster. The best case scenario would be receiving standard pallets (48x40) that have only a single SKU per pallet. Again, we understand that in order to optimize space and reduce costs during shipping this may not always be possible.
  3. Barcoded. All products within all Red Stag Fulfillment warehouses require a barcode. These barcodes ensure that we can track the availability and location of all products at any given time and is what allows us to ensure order and inventory accuracy. If your products show up without barcodes, our team will barcode the product for you. Note: This barcoding process takes time and will, therefore, increase the processing time required.

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