Version 2020.2

Updated by Tony Runyan

Return Labels

RSF clients can now create Return Labels for ASNs and RMAs with just a few clicks! The Return Labels can be delivered via email from the carrier straight to the you or downloaded though the admin or client portal as a PDF file. Ensure accuracy for your returns processing and start saving time and shipping costs for your inbound shipments!

Static vs Dynamic Allocation

When using "Simple Cheapest" or "Simple Fastest" allocation algorithms ShipStream performs real-time Dynamic Allocation for merchants that have inventory in multiple warehouses. This takes into account which warehouses have inventory in stock to get the order completed as soon as possible using available inventory. However, if you'd rather your orders be allocated to the optimal warehouse ignoring real-time inventory you can now disable this Dynamic Allocation so your order will remain backordered until it is in-stock at the optimal location.

You can also override the configured default at the Product level so that specific products can be treated differently from the default:

And of course at the Order level as well, using the UI, scripts or the API:

Rate quotes for Virtual Shipping Methods

Previously you could only request rate quotes for specific shipping methods. Now, you can also request rates for the virtual methods like "Cheapest 3 Day". This applies to both the rate.quote API and the Shopify plugin. You Shopify plugin users you can now expose these virtual rates straight into your shopping cart giving you the full power of our rate shopping capabilities with no custom software!

Warehouse tags for Shopify orders

When a Shipment is completely packed a tag indicating the warehouse will be pushed back to Shopify so the Shopify users can see in Shopify which warehouse or warehouses an order was fulfilled from.

New mass-actions for Deliveries

We've added new mass-actions for managing ASNs, RMAs, etc.

SKUs column for Deliveries

We've added a SKUs column for all delivery types just like you have on the Orders and Shipments grids. Just like the other grids the tooltips show the full product name and the number displayed in one row is limited to 10. It's the little things.

Warehouse column for Lots/Expirations

When showing data from all warehouses you will now see a Warehouse column in the Lots/Expirations grid and the number of locations where inventory for that Lot currently stored.

More Amazon Merchant Fulfillment detail

We've added a lot more detail to the order history for Amazon Merchant Fulfillment Services so that you can see every service that was offered and the price as well as every service that was rejected and the given reason.

Various Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Relabeled "Stores" to "Brands" in the UI - this does not affect any APIs
  • Add "Manifest #" and "Loaded At" columns to Packages exports
  • Add "Lot Locations" export to have one row per location containing Lots in the warehouse
  • Add "Warehouse" column to Lots/Expirations grid
  • Fix visibility of options by merchant scope when editing Packaging Feature attributes via Update Attributes mass-action
  • Fix 'Cancel Backordered Items' and 'Cancel Unfulfilled Items' buttons not visible for client users
  • Minor improvements to Edit Work Order page
  • Fix deleting some BOMs could potentially delete associated Work Orders
  • Fix Global Search for Client UI will now work for all users, not just those with full permissions
  • BOM child component yield limit increased from 1000 to 1200 and improved rounding error handling
  • Fix support for some user-provided PDF files that previously would report errors when uploaded
  • Fix UPS Declared Value is not shown on Shipments page when order-level Declared Value is used

API Changes

  • Add support for passing is_valid field in order.create address object. This will cause the address to be considered valid and address verification to be skipped.
  • Add allocation to rate.quote response. This allows you to see which warehouses were chosen for fulfillment in the rate quote.
  • The delivery:committed webhook payload now includes the correct qty_available at the time the webhook was registered.
  • Added new inventory.lots API endpoint for accessing on-hand Lots/Expirations. (Documentation)
  • Added items.lot_data to , and API responses.

External Shipping Method Changes

  • Renamed "Label URL" to "API Endpoint URL"
  • Removed "Track URL"
  • Added "API Endpoint Capabilities" to denote which actions should call out to the "API Endpoint URL"
  • Added new capabilities for "Create Return Label" and "Cancel Return Label"

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