Orders Grid View

Updated by Tony Runyan

The Orders Grid View displays all orders of any status. You may click the items to view the order and Reorder the order again to create a duplicate. This is useful if there was a mistake and the order needed to be cancelled and modified prior to submitting again.

The list of orders can be exported to csv or xml formats by clicking Export, and it can be filtered such as by their SKU in the Products Ordered column.

Mass-Actions Available

Cancel - Cancels the selected order(s).

Hold - Places the selected order(s) on hold.

Unhold - Release the selected order(s) from “on hold” status.

Use Fallback Carrier - Forces the selected order(s) to use the default Carrier set by the admin..

Change Shipping Method - Lets the user choose a different shipping method for the selected item(s).

Print Packing Slips - Generates a PDF with packing slips for the selected order(s).

Print Shipping Labels - Generates a PDF with shipping labels for the selected order(s).

Compose Picking Batch - Creates a picking batch from the selected order(s) if they are able to be converted.

Force Compose Picking Batch - Creates a picking batch from the selected order(s) even if they are not in the same location.

Update Priority - Overrides the algorithm that handles order priorities based on various factors.

Set Backorder Policy - Allows for multiple order(s) to have their backorder policy set to the following options: Use Default, All or Nothing, As Available, Up to X.

Lock to Warehouse - Locks the selected order(s) to a specified warehouse and disables the order from being processed elsewhere.

Unlock from Warehouse - Releases the selected order(s) from being locked to a specified warehouse in the previous option.

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