LTL Backorder Policy

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This article explains how Backordered LTL orders are handled with RSF.

As the LTL team checks orders in the RSF WMS and there are backorders on an LTL order, RSF will notify a client via the Team Support ticket that was created for the order, that the order is in Backordered status.

As the client, you will have actions you can take in response:

Removing Backordered Items

Maintaining Backordered Items

  1. You can cancel backordered items in the RSF system. This will put the order into New status and the LTL team can process the available items. (Note: Once backordered items are cancelled, items cannot be added to the same order later on.)
  2. Once backordered items are cancelled, please notify Red Stag in the corresponding order Team Support ticket that the items have been cancelled. This is vital for the LTL team's awareness that the order is now in New status and ready to process.

  1. Client can choose not to cancel the backordered items. If you choose this option, you should adjust the *priority in the RSF system to higher importance.
  2. Once RSF receives the backordered items, our system will prioritize the once backordered order to the top of the processing queue.

*See info on how order priority works here

Note: Any and all communication in regards to a particular order should be completed in the original Team Support ticket created to begin the new order. This includes cancellations, quantity changes, shipping method changes etc.

You can login to TeamSupport here or by using the link in the top right hand corner of this screen.

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