Version 2019.9

Updated by Tony Runyan

Add Shipping Costs to Shipments

If you use ShipStream to track your shipping costs you may now add those for offline shipments after the packing is finished using the same "Complete Shipment" interface as is used for adding Tracking Numbers.

Add Order "Reason For Export"

Designate a Reason For Export for each order so that you can correctly indicate to customs the reason for export when it is something other than a sale, potentially saving money on duties and taxes at the border!

The available reasons a user may choose are:

  • Sold
  • Not Sold
  • Gift
  • Sample
  • Repair and Return
  • Personal Effects

Require Rates from Amazon MWS Preferred Carrier

If you do not want to use alternative carriers when shipping Amazon Merchant Fulfillment shipments, this new option will allow you to prevent another carrier being used if the preferred carrier's rates are temporarily unavailable.

Lot Tracking information improvements

We've added lots more lot tracking info to key areas of the system that will make operations easier when choosing pick locations for shipments and BFOs and in general tracking down inventory and navigating the lot tracking data more effectively.

  • Adds Inventory grid to the Lot's view — allowing easy lookup for what Locations this Lot has and the quantity
  • Adds a Lots/Expirations tab to the Product's view — quickly find out about the details of the Lot Info associated with this Product; also allows clicking a grid row to take you to that Lot's view to see even more details about that Lot
  • Choose Location in the Order view and when creating BFOs will now show the Lot Info ( Lot Number, Expiration date, and Origination date)
  • Everywhere you saw Lot Info before will now also show the Origination date

Filter Grids by time of day

For grid columns that represent a date and time, click the "From" or "To" label to show a hidden field which allows you to specify a time of day by which to filter, allowing you to be more precise when you know the time range you want to search and not just the date range.

Other Improvements

  • Add detailed error messages when a shipment is not valid for a given shipping method.
  • Add detail to error message when a shipping account is not configured for the given shipping method.
  • Unset Requested Ship Date when a user "Unhold"s an order. Target Ship Date will be calculated based on the current time.
  • The actual shipping method will be displayed on the Packing Slip instead of the order-level shipping method (e.g. "FedEx Ground" rather than "Cheapest Ground").
  • Add support for countries: Kosovo, Sint Maarten and "Bonaire, Saint Eustatius and Saba"
  • Merge line items for Shopify fulfillments when one SKU is present on multiple line items.
  • Fix an issue with BOM order allocation.
  • Add missing "Edit Shipping Options" permission for Client roles.
  • Report errors during importing Shopify fulfillments to a Note on the Shopify order and add a tag to the order.
  • Fix error with multi-piece FedEx international orders.
  • Performance optimizations for large order reallocations.
  • Fix errors when operating on manifests with a very large number of packages.
  • Fix 'Stock location does not have an assigned stock item.' error when viewing a relocation item page.
  • Fix deadlocks when mass-updating shipping methods.
  • Fix error when mass updating priority for a large number of stock locations.
  • Filter status dashboard users by last warehouse used.

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