Shipping to Mexico - NOM

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When shipping to Mexico you'll want to ensure you are aware of the Mexico Normas Oficialies Mexicanas (NOM) requirements.

Due to increased customs inspections in Mexico (MX), shipments identified as missing the Mexico Product Safety Mark (NOM - Normas Oficiales Mexicanas) will experience increased clearance delays and/or possible customs seizures and/or fines. Customs may also instruct that the shipment be returned at the shipper’s expense.

The MX NOM Mark, a product safety mark for Mexico, is a requirement for the majority of electronic items which certifies that the product meets the safety requirements contained in the Official Mexican Standards (Normas Oficiales Mexicanas, or NOM). For certification purposes, the MX NOM Mark must appear on the product unless an alternate location on packaging is specified in writing as permitted by law.

It is recommended that shippers ensure their products are NOM compliant.

To see if any of your products require NOM you can learn more here.

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