Bulk Uploading an ASN

Updated 2 years ago by Tony Runyan

In the event that you have a large number of products to add as a delivery (ASN) in the RSF Operations portal, you have the ability to perform a bulk upload of delivery information with a CSV or Excel file. To do so, follow these directions:

  • Select​ S​ystem > Import/Export > Import – Task
  • Select ​New Delivery Import. 
  • Choose the file type you’d like to upload. 
  • Choose the file, and select​ Import​. 
  • Select the “View Documentation” button for more information on file structure. You can also refer to the following for column heading information:
    • id: this column is only required if you plan to upload multiple ASNs at one time. If you are only uploading 1, you can leave it blank. 
    • warehouse_id: This will be a numeric value representing the different warehouse locations RSF has.
      • 2 - Use the value "2" for our Knoxville (Island River) location
      • 3 - Use the value "3" for ou Salt Lake City location
    •  delivery_type: asn 
    • sender_name: this is the name of the manufacturer or your company depending upon where the product is being shipped from 
    • carrier_name: name of the carrier who will be delivering the shipment. If you don’t know, TBD is fine. 
    • expected_delivery: this is a date field for the approximate date the shipment will be delivered. The format should be: “YYYY-MM-DD” 
    • merchant_ref: optional field for any internal reference code your company may use. If used, this must be unique per delivery type. 
    • sender_ref: optional field for any internal reference code the manufacturer or carrier may use
    • SKU: The SKU exactly as it is entered in the RSF Operations Portal 
    • Qty_expected: total quantity expected of a particular SKU on a shipment 

Click here for a template for Bulk Uploading an ASN.

  • See below for an example of what the file may look like.

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