Require Rates from Preferred Carrier - Amazon MWS

Updated by Tony Runyan

When using Amazon MWS as a shipping method, and a preferred carrier's rates are temporarily unavailable this could cost the client a lot of money by using an expensive option. By using "Require Rates from Preferred Carrier" you can prevent the shipment from being completed using any other carrier than the preferred carrier. If the chosen Preferred Carrier fails, the user must try again or choose a different shipping method.

How to enable "Require Rates from Preferred Carrier"

  1. Navigate to System > Configuration.
  2. In the left side menu, choose Shipping Methods in the Sales section.
  3. Expand the Amazon MWS pane.
  4. Find the Require Rates from Preferred Carrier option and choose Yes.
  5. Click Save Config.
Make sure you have also selected the correct carrier for the given service in the other options above Require Rates from Preferred Carrier so that the shipment will default to the correct carrier.

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